Architectural Design Guild was founded in 1981 by Barry Greenberg as a multi-disciplinary firm providing architecture, engineering (mechanical, electrical and plumbing), and interior design. Over the last 30 years ADG has completed over 8,000 retail, commercial, food service, residential and energy efficiency projects throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

Having in-house engineering, licensure throughout the U.S. , a central location, and owning our facilities have allowed us to provide comprehensive and coordinated services at a reasonable fee structure. Our extensive experience with energy efficiency allows us to integrate all of the disciplines we offer with a consideration for the health of our planet and our clients’ carbon footprint.

Located in Maplewood since 1987, ADG and Barry have been integral to the revitalization of the City. Barry’s tenure on the Maplewood Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Committee, the Design and Review Board, and Maplewood Historic Preservation Commission has helped turn Maplewood into a very desirable community. Barry was elected to City Council in 2003 and continues to serve his community in that capacity. He has called upon his LEED AP background and recently introduced legislation to initiate the City’s Sustainability Commission.